On The Lam

Verse 1. I’ve been on the run I’ve been on the lam Shaken by a stone-cold memory 2. Well I’d been laying low I’d been doing well Listening to the star’s gold melody 3. I’ve been so cold Since you went on your way Dreaming that your hand is still touching me Chorus 1. Show […]

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Summer in the city

– desperate hours breed desperate days & the setting sun, it shadows – desperate lives & desperate ways neon lights swelter in the haze There are heroes in the night where the beggars sing The girls in stalls will sell you anything Can you hear on the streets that yer walking along The sound of […]

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‘Writers In Exile’

When I returned to Toronto from Scotland in the early 90’s, I was in a manner of speaking, lost and in a state of culture-shock. I was writing songs and poetry and found myself in unfamiliar territory yet could find no one to relate them to. My old friends were hippies following the Grateful Dead, smoking pot, and although it was their scene, I was assured that it was definitely not mine. The psychedelic nostalgia of a bygone era had no interest to me and was a long way away from the estates of Dunfermline and Galashiels that I had become accustomed to.

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Reg Hartt presents… “Writers in Exile” Monday 4th July 2011, 7pm @ Cineforum, Toronto

The event is by invitation only owing to strict seating restrictions as a result of City bylaws. Please confirm your attendance at yer earliest possible convenience. We wish we could invite more but alas, c’est la vie. Please advise if you are unable to attend that we might facilitate our standby list.

Cineforum has a rich, turbulent & proud history & both Coyote & Peter are honoured to be associated with the venue for this soiree.

Peter Sumadh is based in Belfast & will be reading short stories, poems as well as a chapter from his forthcoming novel.

Grey Coyote counts writing, performance art & poetry amongst his many talents so anything can happen on the night. He is soon to be based in Japan and this evening will serve as part of his farewell.

The event will be hosted & filmed by Reg Hartt. A donation of $10 is suggested at the door. 18+ (they’re not fairy tales)


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Female Backpackers And Dirty Young Men

When two blonde female backpackers milling about the platform in Belfast appeared to be checking us out just prior to the latter trip, we indulged in a little guessing game. ‘Swiss’ said Reese, ‘German ‘says I…

When they boarded and sat at the table in the carriage alongside our own, I heard the twangs of Quebecois but couldn’t be sure and then when I saw the inevitable Canadian flag on the backpack, I hesitated to help her with it. They bent over as they removed themselves and stored them under the seats so their jean clad asses were on full display to us.

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The Birthday That Was…

It’s always a treat to have friends visit Belfast, but to couple that with the occasion of my birthday this past week felt particularly special.

My great buddy Maurice, presently ranked in the top 100 pinball players in the world, fitted me in either side of competing in the World Pinball Championships in Gothenberg Sweden.

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